3 things parents get wrong about infant care

When you are expecting, people who have been there will fill you up with well meaning advice, however, welcoming a newborn can be overwhelming for the new parents. From handling the baby, to timing its feeds and ensuring that she is protected from unwarranted germs and infections, they have their minds as well as hands full.
There are multiple moments when they end up in overblown reactions on the colour of the poop, spitting, vomiting or not burping. And we can’t really blame them - handling a newborn is tricky. While we all know about required immunization and sleep and feed cycle, there are a few things that parents tend to overlook, that may not be in the best interest of your child.

We spoke to Dr. Paul S Horowitz, President of American Academy of Pediatrics about things he feels parents need to take care of in the initial period. Here are three common mistakes he witnesses parents commit...
Giving up on breastfeeding too soon
“Unfortunately, too many new mothers quickly give up on breastfeeding. With the right help and patience, almost all women can be successful without resorting to infant milk substitutes/infant formula. After all, breast milk is best!”

Focusing on phone rather than the baby
“I see too many parents looking down at their phones instead of getting face-to-face with their baby; they should be engaging and stimulating them via all their senses.”

Using water alone for bathing
“New parents should not bathe the baby with water alone. They should be using a mild made-for-baby cleanser, which is approved by the doctor, followed by the use of a baby cream, which again should be approved for use.”

Just remember that your baby is new to the world and he will pick up on your cues. Anxiety, overblown reactions will only make the child anxious. So try to be in control and listen to what your heart says.

Dr Horowitz is a practicing, board-certified pediatrician and co-founder of Discovery Pediatrics in Valencia, and President of American Academy of Pediatrics. He is also the principal investigator and co-author on clinical research studies by J&J Consumer Inc.
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