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7 years ago
  The Difference between love And Attachment

Are you confused about whether you are just attached or in love with your partner? These things are complicated so here we have explained the difference between the two of these.

 Love is selfless and attachment is selfish: - In love, the focus is all on making your partner feel happy and loved. You consider your partners needs before you. But in the case of attachment, you are self-centered and you are always looking for ways in which your partner can make you happy.

Love is liberating and attachment is controlling: - Trying to have a control on your partner is not love but if you really love your partner you need to set them free. You don’t always need to see them to assure yourself. But in the case of attachment you never really trusted your partner and you want to possess them. You only feel safe when you are with them.

Love is empowering and attachment is power revoking: - Love gives you power and it make you feel like you can achieve anything in this world but people in attachments always suffer from the power struggle. They always make sure that you they are not left behind and they are always trying to keep power in their hands to take decisions.

Love is timeless and attachment is transient: - No matter how long it takes you two to get together, you survive the time period. Even if you break up, you always wish only good for them and the love never fades away. But in the case of attachment, it is always time bound. After a breakup, you keep cursing them and hold grudges.

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