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  Signs That You Have Found The Perfect Guy

Are you confused whether your boyfriend is a keeper or a player .then here are some signs for you that will dictate that you have found the right guy or not?

They are always there for you: - No matter in what situation of life you are in, they are always there for you. They are always ready to hold your hand when life is not ok or to tell you gently that you are wrong when you actually doing something wrong. They are always supporting you in your decisions.

You Trust Then Totally: - Trust is an important factor in any relationship and yes he has never let you down. You trust him completely. Trust need to be there because otherwise, it can create lots of misunderstanding between you and him.

You See a future With him: - It's not that you have planned every intricate detail about your future but you definitely see a future with them .you knows that he is going to be there. So even if you are talking about future with each other you guys never get uncomfortable.
You are Comfortable Doing Absolutely nothing with him: - 
Watching movies together, going to dinners with him is too mainstream, but can you just say nothing and do nothing and still be comfortable with him? If you can do this with him then he surely a keeper.

You have Your Identity Out Of Your Relationship: - You don’t need him all the time, you are totally fine with him spending time with his friends. If you are comfortable with him having his own space then he is the man you should keep.

You care what you family Think of Them: - Life is unfair, so it is not necessary that your family will like them. But you definitely care about what you parents think of him. You want him to have a good reputation in front of your parents.
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