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What happened when a woman rubbed first pee on her face?

This treatment is not for faint hearted. Since ancient time Using urine as a home remedy is in tradition.

According to alternative medicine and homeopathy, urine has been used to treat various conditions. Many people actually even apply urine to the skin to treat infection and burns. It also helps in cells regeneration.

One of the editors self-tested it. She was suffering from many dermatological problems but when she came to know that urine can heal the skin, she was not sure at first but after giving it a lot of thought about how smelly it can be or isn’t urine full of germs. But in the end, she tried it and she applied: midstream urine” directly to her face.
You don't need to use the first bit of pee that comes out since it may contain germs from the skin. The first pee of the day is thought to be particularly full of nutrients that it's been able to absorb overnight, thus the recommendation of "first void urine."

Every morning she went to the bathroom let the first third of the pee flow straight into the toilet and then caught the rest on a piece of cotton wool and then applies it. Everything seemed fine though because the skin absorbed the urine in no time. After 7 days she got tensed because her skin got worse than before with dry, brittle, flaking skin, this urine therapy was seeming more and more like a scam. She stopped the application and consulted an expert. The scientist validated that urine can irritate the skin if you use it too in too much quantity.

But then something surprising happened: The dry skin peeled off and her face become perfectly soft and smooth Reason being the urine exfoliated the skin perfectly.

Even though it works, it's not the most right method: Urine is consists of mostly water and just 5% urea. Whereas there are creams in which you can find more than 10% urea and they are more effective.

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