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4 years ago
Twinkle shares tips on how to raise readers

Write India Author, former actress and popular coloumnist Twinkle Khanna shared a sweet picture of her daughter reading a book along with a great parenting tip.
Twinkle Khanna is the author of three books and writes a popular column titled Mrs Funnybones weekly. She is well known for her wit and her columns often have anecdotes from her life involving her children. She is known to be an avid reader and it seems her daughter is picking up her habit.

On 25th January, she posted a picture of her daughter Nitara lounging on a couch by a window, reading a book in the sunlight. The picture would make any reader envious of her peaceful Saturday morning.

In the caption of the picture Twinkle shared a very good parenting tip for raising a reader, "Let them read what they please instead of deciding what is worthy of reading".

Nitara is reading a book from Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot series, a series of graphic novels about a mouse who saves the world from villans with the help of his robot. It's written by Dav Pilkey, the author of the popular Captain Underpants series.

Twinkle is known to be a science fiction fan, a genre not always considered literary so one can guess that she might have recieved some negative feedback on her book choices. This tip is likely from the heart and since she is a respected author today, those trying to raise readers should heed her words.

So if you want your child to read, take them to a bookstore and let them find what most interests them rather than just buying them a book.
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