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7 years ago
Tricks to Stay Warm at a Winter Wedding

Tricks to Stay Warm at a Winter Wedding

Keeping yourself warm in winter weddings is a big issue as weddings are the occasion to flaunt your dressing styles but at the same 
time, no one wants to get ill from winter cold breezes. Here are few tricks which you can use to stay warm as well as enjoy wedding fully –

If you are wearing saree in the wedding then instead of wearing a petticoat, a better option is to wear warm woolen legging to save yourself from getting cold.

# You can use beautifully designed pashmina shawl with saree and high neck warm blouse in matching colours.

# Nowadays, there are trends of flaunting studded and embroidered jacket with a simple solid colour suit. On the contrary, you can even try highly embellished suit with plain Nehru jacket to balance the match of dress.

# Velvet and silk dresses are the aptest choices in winter as these clothes are warm and also never out of fashion.

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