Swati Panwar
7 years ago
Tips to Lowering High Blood Pressure — Lowering High BP, the Hopeful Way

What we mean to say here is this no matter how hard you try or how ‘safe’ you think you might be there are just so many uncountable random and fixed craps happening in life that sooner or later you find yourself deep down in one of its many jaws being chewed like some chewing gum.
that is essentially what happens when our heart pumps blood through our veins, the blood puts pressure against the walls of the veins, if somehow that pressure gets high you will start feeling uneasy, your head heavy and really out, plus heart attacks and strokes free, free, free!
Causes of High Blood Pressure:
3.Less to no physical activity
4.Too much salt in diets
5.Too much alcohol consumptions
7.Old age
Normal Blood Pressure:– less than 120 over 80 (120/80)
Diet and Tips on Lowering High Blood Pressure:
1.Power Walking : When you are out here trying to make your life easier now that you have found out that you have high blood pressure now, and then power walking is probably the best and most practical way lowering your blood pressure!
2.Deep and slow breathing : Doing deep breathing exercises or any relaxation stretch activity like yoga can work wonders for lowering High Blood Pressure.
3.Yummy potatoes are your friends now : Here is a bright tip, now use potatoes as your main meal ingredient, because they contain potassium and that is a lifesaver man!

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