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7 years ago
Super Food For Every Skin Type

Our ancestors have taught has eating right is the key component of living right. If you are eating the right thing you will stay healthy and your skin will also look flawless So here are some of the listed super food as per each skin type to bring out your natural glow.

Dry Skin: - Dry and flaky skin comes with the loss of moisture in the air. It is found that healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil help in adding moisture and provides hydration to the skin. Which helps in getting a glowing skin from the inside as well as outside. To get the maximum benefits of these super foods use them in the DIY mask.

Sensitive skin: - Sensitive skin is prone inflammation. To treat any inflammation, foods which are high Omega 3s like salmon, flax, hemp, and chia seeds should be included in your meal. Omega 3s is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. It is best to remove redness and swelling that is caused by skin diseases like eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis. To get the maximum benefits of these super foods it is advised to add at least two of these omega 3 foods in your diet.

Oily Skin: - For oily skin controlling excess oil should be the priority. Fresh fruits and vegetables like pineapple which are loaded with vitamin C are great for controlling sebum production. These also help in treating uneven skin tone and acne marks. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale are a great source of fiber and these help in keeping the digestive system clean and prevent production of excess sebum

Acne Prone Skin: - Acne is caused by issues in the internal system. Therefore drinking something which cleanses the internal system plays a vital role in keeping acne at a bay. Fruits like apples have high fiber content and they also have carbohydrates compound pectin. This pectin helps in eliminating toxins from the body. One of the other
superfoods is seaweed which is great for soothing inflamed pimples.

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