Sonika Ramola
7 years ago
The ‘Nosy’ Affair : Bridal Nose Pins of 13 Different Cultures!

The significance of the nose ring lies beyond just ornamentation, the practice of wearing it dates back to the Vedic age and supposedly makes any pain related to pregnancy and periods bearable. Nose rings in India are worn either on the nostril, septum or the bridge of the nose.With such massive cultural acceptance across different regions, the nose rings have seen a lot of variations and cultural influence in its design. Below are the lists of top 13 nose ring design as per the regions of India:
A.Northern India:1.Latkan
2.Punjabi Nath
4.Fan shaped nose ring
5.Spoked nose ring
B.Southern India:1.Mukhuttis
2.Nose Stud
3.The Pullaku
C.Western India:1.Nathni
2.Maharashtrian nath
3.Konkani Stud
4.Designer Nose Ring
5.Classic Nose Pin

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