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Somebody had said that the bride’s Mehendi colour is a direct reflection of her husband’s love for her. But let’s not make your husband or boyfriend be tested by fire.There are other simpler ways to make your mehndi colour deeper and darker.

Wash hands before applying
Wash your palms thoroughly with soap before you sit down to apply mehndi. Make sure you don’t apply any creams or lotions. By eliminating any possible layers on your skin, Mehendi will be completely absorbed and you will naturally get a darker shade.

Apply eucalyptus oil
Make an exception with eucalyptus oil. After washing your hands apply this essential oil to your hands and feet. Not only does it smell good, but the oil actually helps darken the 
colour of Mehendi.

Let M
ehendi dry naturally
 Allow the mehendi on your hands to dry naturally. Don’t shake your hands or use a blow dryer. The movement or the blowing air can smudge the design and waste all the time you spent in getting it applied.

Invest the hours
Keep the mehendi on your palms as long as you can, preferably overnight, if possible. Once it’s dried, you can ask someone to gently bandage your hands so the mehendiIt is believed that the smoke from heated.

Smoke it
Stays on and doesn’t leave crumbs in bed. Cloves helps darken mehendi. Place some cloves in an iron pan and turn on the heat. Let the smoke coming from the cloves come in contact with your mehendi. Hold your hands out for as long as you can bear the heat and stop only when they start to hurt a bit.

Lemon and sugar
Apply a mixture of sugar and lemon juice to your hands after your mehendi has dried completely. Dab it on gently using a cotton ball. Don’t go overboard with it as the juice might end up lightening the colour.

Vicks to the rescue
After you’ve kept the mehendi overnight it’s time to remove it. Gently rub your hands together until all the mehendi has been scrapped off. Apply Vicks or some pickle oil to your hands. This has been known to give you a dark mehendi shade.

Stay away from water
Ideally, allow 24 hours to lapse before you expose your mehendi to water. Water will wash away the top layer of the mehendi and not allow the colour to really penetrate deep into your skin.

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