Secrets of Women Who Always Smell Great

You can’t deny the fact that some of the ladies smell amazingly well. Here we bring some of the hacks to use perfume in the right way so that you too can smell great. Apart from perfume, you can also book beauty services at home to get a nice scented facial or hair treatment.

Hydrated Skin: - Water keep us hydrated and it benefits our overall health. It also keeps our skin moisturized which helps the perfume or scents to linger around for a longer time.

Hydrated Skin

Layering Scents: - Women use all sorts of fragranced products like shower gel, oils, nails paints, moisturizer. Therefore wear different types of fragranced products to create layers of fragrance. In this way, the good fragrance will linger through the day.

Layering Scents

Avoid Rubbing Scent: - Most of us tend to rub wrists together right after applying perfume but don’t do this. When you rub perfume, the top layer of perfume breaks and you are left with only middle and base notes.

Avoid Rubbing Scent

The Right Spot: - Heat activates perfume, therefore, apply it on the warmer areas of the body, i.e. all the pulse point. You can apply it behind knees, inside elbow, the base of the throat, inside wrist and behind the ear.

The Right Spot

When to Apply: - The best time to apply perfume is right after a shower, when your skin is still a little damp. In this way, your skin looks in the scent due to extra moisture.

When to Apply

Storing correctly: - We should store perfume in cool and dry areas. This will help perfume to last longer. Never store your perfume in heat, humidity, and light as they can break the important compounds of perfumes.

Storing correctly

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