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2 years ago
Reading out to your children beneficial for parents and kids!

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 16 (ANI): After a certain age, parents and children find it awkward to continue with the bedtime routine of reading books out loud, because of several reasons. But a recent study reveals that reading out to your children can be beneficial for both -- parents as well the kids in many ways.
The bedtime ritual of reading a storybook out loud by parents during the early stages of the child can lead to many positive benefits.
CNN has reported that after taking an account of more than 3,000 families and their experience, it came to notice that this routine strengthens parents' feelings of competence, improved the relationship quality with their children and also can reduce parental stress or depression.
As far as how this could be beneficial for children, the study found how there is cognitive development in a child's mind and also reduced certain behavioral problems.
The practice also increased attention span, concentration and gave them a wide exposure of vocabulary among children.
Improving reading skills will eventually bring benefits in a child's life, so developing the habit of listening to stories right from their earlier stage of life will come as handy. (ANI)

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