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7 years ago
Rangoli Design Idea : Easy Rangoli Design for Competition

Rangoli art is one age old traditional way of drawing creative Rangoli Patterns to invite Goddess Lakshmi to enter in your house and bring along, luck peace, wealth and health.
We tell you how to make beautiful Diwali Rangoli designs that can win hearts of your guests and get you a guaranteed spot in Diwali competitions also!
Material Required for Making Easy Rangoli Design:
A clean surface
Various Rangoli colors like
Dark green
Light green
Navy blue
Step by Step Procedure for Diwali Rangoli Design:
1.Create a rough sketch of the bird on a clean surface and start to create the main body of the bird with yellow color. Give a realistic look with shading of light and dark yellow.
2.Outline the yellow bird with white color to create definition and border for the bird.
3.Make flowers and leaves in shades of red and green and create the veins of the leaves with the help of a plastic spoon.
4.Use the spoon to detail flowers and the other designs of the Rangoli.
Use navy blue color to create the eyes of the bird.
5.Now comes, the highlight! Decorate the Rangoli by strategically placing decorative mirrors on the entire Rangoli. They add the festive glitter and sparkle.
6.You can also make use of different flowers like marigold and rose in the Rangoli design to make it look even more festive.

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