Neha Thakur
7 years ago
Pears Pure and Gentle Soap

My take on the Pears Pure and Gentle Soap claims:

For a while on the market now, pears has been made out to be a “gentle”, “glycerin”, “pharmacy-brand” soap , suitable for people with sensitive skin, and younger age-groups. It’s supposed to be ‘Pure and Gentle, with Glycerin and Natural Oils’ . 

And as fun as a see-through , bubbly soap is , it’s still just your average drugstore fancy detergent. It doesn’t do much for hydration, it doesn’t smell as lovely as it ought to, it isn’t even the best glycerin formulation out there. There are harsh drying chemicals in the ingredients list, and it’s definitely not something i’d trade in any of the other brands for.

What I like about Pears Pure and Gentle Soap:

However, on the plus side, it’s not one to dry your skin out a whole lot,  and in the summers , the scent is just what anyone would need as a pick-me-up perk!

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