Reetika singh
7 years ago

Use a face pack to renew your facial skin. You can look for ingredients in your kitchen for an all-organic, chemical-free face pack. Here are a few face packs that you can try. 
Banana honey face pack for extra dry skin
Don’t throw away overripe bananas. Mash them up, add some honey and apply the mix on your face and neck for super soft skin. Wash off after 15 mins.
Tomato and honey pack for normal and combination skin
Mash up one tomato and mix with a spoonful of honey. Apply all over your face and wash away after 15 mins for soft, smooth skin.
Tomato and lemon juice for oily skin
Tomato and lemon together fight oiliness and act as a natural bleaching agent. Mash up one tomato and add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply on your face and wash off after 15 mins.

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