Letter to my friend who lost her unborn baby

You were trying to meet me to break the big news to me and I was consumed in my terribly busy life with two kids and a full time job. And a month later, the morning when you messaged me to check if I was free to talk, I asked you to wait because I was taking the older one to her PTA meeting. While waiting in the queue of restless parents to meet the teacher, I called you. And what I heard next shook me. You told me you were 17 weeks pregnant until last evening, and you lost your baby. I had made mental notes of all the things I would discuss with the teacher, but that single news wiped off everything in one go. You were crying because you could not hold the baby, the one you were nursing in your womb till a fortnight ago and then one ultrasound and all hopes were lost. Please forgive me I wasn’t there to listen to you when you were celebrating its arrival in your womb and I am sorry for your loss.

You are a private person and I know you don’t want to share this loss with many, just like you had kept the news of its arrival to a select few. But I want you to know that it won't always be this way always. You are hurting and you can’t control your tears. You feel your life is crumbling and there will never be a bigger jolt to your life as this.

I cannot tell you how much I am aching from this news. It is not fair that you did not get to see the face of your baby, but I assure you it won't be this hard forever. These raw wounds will soon become scars, that will not pain like they are paining right now. You will heal...

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