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How to do Feather Nail Art​?

How to do Feather Nail Art​
Feather nail art is getting very popular among girls. This nail art looks amazing and yet simple to be done by anybody very easily. You can make it easily yourself using feathers & scissors. Nowadays festive season is on so it is time to decorate your nails so as to look naturally festive to celebrate it. For feather nail art DIY you will need -
a. A neutral base colour
b. Base coat & top coat
c. Pattern and designs of feather
d. Scissors, Acetone & Cotton Swabs
Step to follow for getting your nails done in Feather Nail Art -
1. Very first you have to soften your nails by using moisturizer. Prepare your nail for applying the paint and next apply a thin layer of base coat. If you want then you can apply first the base colour as well.
​2. when base coat dries, apply the tip of feather carefully onto the nails.
​3. Press the feather very well on the nails, then apply top coat and leave to dry.
​4. once feather is settled properly and it dries then you can trim extra feather.
5. Finish it with top coat.
6. Now repeat this same process for others fingers.

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