How to Color Your Hair At Home

Getting bored of your old hair colour is quite common when everybody is opting for hair colour. Also for some of you going to the salon for hair colouring and then post care of colored hairs can be pricey, but if that’s the case, here we bring some tips to color your hair at home. If you are planning to go more than three shades lighter or darker than your actual hair colour then you should seek professional advice and for that you can beauty service at home.

Patch Test: - When you are coloring at home, make sure to do a patch test of the hair colour first. Take a small amount of dye and dab it on your skin. This test needs to be done prior to one or two days before applying it all over your hairs. This is done to check if the ingredients in the colour are causing any negative reaction or not.

Patch Test

Get more hair Dye Boxes: - It's always good to get at least two boxes of color So that you don’t run out of them in between the process of coloring your hairs. Even if you have short hairs you can save it for the next time.
Get more hair Dye Boxes

Avoid Extreme Changes: - Makeover is good but extreme makeover can be tricky. When you are coloring your hairs at home make sure to do only two shades lighter or darker than your original hair colour .Also while choosing the right color focus on hair color swatches rather than hair models.

Avoid Extreme Changes

Wear Old clothes: - While coloring your hairs, wear old clothes so that even if you splatter hair colour you won’t be worried about stains on the clothes.

Wear Old clothes

Highlight With Toothbrush: - For slight changes on some special occasion take a toothbrush or mascara wand and dip it into some color and apply it over your bangs or flick

Highlight With Toothbrush

Start from the Top: - Our hair roots need most colour, therefore, it is logical to apply hair colors at the roots first and then comb through the rest of the hairs.

Start from the Top

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