How To Blow Dry Your Hairs Faster

Squeeze The Water: - You can reduce the moisture in your hair by squeezing excess water with the help of a towel.Press the towel gently around your hairs and take out the excess water.Make sure to get your hair dry at least 50% by this.

Don't Dry Hairs In Bathroom: -  In bathrooms, the humidity is higher, therefore, it creates extra work for you. Make sure to towel dry your hairs in a far away room from the shower.

Right Tools: -Using the right amount of heat and air pressure can help in quickly drying you hairs.Therefore choose a hair dryer which provides the perfect balance of these two.

Start At Top: - Most of us section our hair first and then start blow drying from the bottom of the hair. But the right technique is to start at the crown area.

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