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7 years ago
How Much Hair fall Is Normal

There is nothing more terrifying than watching strands of hairs in your bathroom, hair ties, and comb. Yes, we are talking about hair fall here. Hair fall is common but do you know how much hair fall is normal on daily basis? Read on to find out.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal:-

On an average losing 100- 150 hair follicles is the normal amount of hairs a healthy scalp can expect to lose. Whereas if your hairs are very long, you might think that you are losing more than you really are. If you are losing 100-150 hairs a day then there is no need for worry.

Losing More Than Normal:-

If you are losing more than the above-mentioned number of hairs or the hair are coming out in large chunks then you need to visit a doctor. There are many reasons for hair loss for e.g. your diet, stress level, signs of alopecia and lack of vitamins in your diet. It can also mean that something major is wrong inside your body.

Why Does Hair fall happen?

Most of the time, the tresses are either growing or just resting. While more than 80% of it is in the growing process the other hairs are in resting phase. When the hairs are in resting phase, the hairs follicle extends to the point of split up and the hair bulbs get closer to the scalp surface. This causes hair fall.

There are lots of factors which affect how much hair we lose and there is no fixed solution to this problem. Since it is a natural process, shedding is required to get new hairs, as the healthy hairs are replaced by the old weak hairs. To prevent it, you need to take care of your over health that means stay away from stress, eat balanced diet and exercise daily.

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