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Wish to get shiny and volume hair then hair spa at home is a perfect choice! Those being very busy in their office life and then at home and get very less time for themselves can do hair spa at home in just a few easy steps and at the same time they can handle their household chorus without interruption.

Here is given few quick and easy steps for hair spa at home

1. Head massage using hair oil is the first step of hair spa at home naturally. You can use any hair oil like olive oil, coconut oil, and mythic oil. Massage scalp gently as it will boost blood circulation and help in hair growth.

2. Take a towel and dip it in hot water then squeeze all the water from the towel and wrap it around your head covering hair. This will allow oil to go deep in the scalp which will nourish the hair. Keep it for 10 minutes then remove towel.

3. Take shampoo which suits your hair and wash hair using cold water. Avoid hot water as hot water is harmful to hair roots.

5. Now is hair conditioner. Using herbal products is more beneficial as these come with no harmful chemicals. You can use natural herbs like hibiscus flower and leaves paste or powder or water of tea leaves with lemon juice. Rinse off the conditioner after half hour.

6. The final step of hair spa at home is hair mask. If you choose to go fully home made things then you can make hair mask using eggs, honey, olive oil and bananas at home. Leave hair mask for 20 minutes then wash it using shampoo. Take the very little amount of shampoo to wash and that’s it you are done with hair spa.

 Hair spa at home is so easy and that too without ignoring any of your work at home. Taking hair spa once in a month is highly recommended for smooth and shiny hair.

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