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Round face

They are very sweet and kind in nature and always put others ahead of them in their priority list. Though they have a very bubbly nature but they also have a dark, passionate side.

Rectangular face

They are very introspective in nature and plan things to great details. They strive to withhold a balance in their life despite being termed as one of the most disciplined people in their milieu.

Diamond face

Just like a hard, sharp edged diamond, they are very precise and detail oriented. They are known to be perfectionists and are very good with words too.

Oval Face

They are very calm and objective and are the kind who dissolves disputes around them. They are very hideous about their emotions and know how to use their energies wisely.

Square face

They are known to hardcore practical people and are malevolently materialists. They are very dedicated towards their work and can even take some harsh steps without flinching in order to succeed in their goal.

Heart face

They have incredible inner strength and are deeply connected to their conscience. They are very ambitious in nature but also a bit shy sometimes.

Triangular face

They are known to be hot headed and often lose control in pressure situations. They are very scrupulous about themselves in their surroundings and always try to impress their people.

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