Boroplus Advanced Moisturising Lotion With Badam And Milk Cream

Boroplus Advanced Moisturising Lotion With Badam And Milk Cream: Applying body lotion on your body saves your skin from U.V rays and cold chilly wind. In winters your body can dry & rough easily for that Boroplus  Advanced Moisturising Lotion is best, it makes your body soft. This cream is full moisturizing cream made by badam and milk. You should apply any moisturizer cream or lotion at night before going to bed and it gives you a beautiful skin in the result. It's price not so much, only 170 Rs. You can buy it easily from you nearby cosmetic store.

Ingredients: Using Ingredients are.

1. Sandalwood                    2. Lemon
3. Aloe vera                         4. Basil
5. Turmeric                          6.
7. Part of acacia tree           8. White lily
9. Rose Water                     10. Milk Cream
11. Grape seed oil              12. Olive Oil
13. Almond Oil                   14. Saffron
15. Boric Acid

Directions for use: - You should apply it all over your body or face only, night and morning. It prevents your skin from skin diseases, minor cut, Wounds. It is a healing ayurvedic lotion for dry skin.

Pros of Himani Boroplus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion:

1. It made with a lot of natural ingredients.
2. It has travel-friendly packing which makes it valuable.
3. It has a wonderful fragrance.
4. Its fragrance is long lasting and gets absorbed easily as well.


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