Best Colors to Wear Now

Colors have a huge impact on our moods and styling. If you pair the right kind of colors together it can change your whole fashion statement. So here are some colors that you should wear this upcoming spring. Don't forget to book tailor services at home to create the upcoming spring wardrobe.

White: - Pure white colors are going to be huge this summer. White is a perfect color for summer as it so light and pleasant for eyes in the heat. Many of the designers like dolce& Gabbana and Dior showcased white dominant fashion collection.

white dress

Prime Rose Yellow: - The primrose yellow color will remind you of sunlight. flowers and nature. Many of the designers used this color in their collection. The warmth, joyfulness of yellow makes it the best color to be worn during summers. This uplifting color was mostly seen in the form of flower prints on white and black clothes.

yellow saree

Lapse Blue: - Blue is the favorite color of most of the people. The lapse blue is a more energetic color. This color will give you more confident and strong look. Models were seen covered in the gorgeous colors from head to toe. If you are looking for some color which will lift your mood up from within then this is the color for you.

blue dress

Flame: - This red based orange shade which is a blend of orange and red is also one of the colors for spring. This shade brings out the fun and enthusiasm. Just like the spring weather, it is a very strong color. You can pair it up with neutrals shades or coordinated colors. On The runway, designers showcased these colors in evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

flame dress

Island Paradise Aqua Blue: - This fresh color is just like the cold breeze in summers refreshing and calming. This was mostly seen in velvet and lace dresses. This gorgeous blue shade with green undertones should be paired with whites.

dress blue

Greenery: - Want to connect with nature? Then the green shade is for you. The yellow-green shade talks about the need to reinvent and explore. They illustrate flourishing foliage and aware us the need to get immersed in nature.


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