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7 years ago
Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

Conditioner On Scalp: - Hair care is incomplete without conditioner but you don’t need to use too much of it. The right way to use a conditioner is using it only on the tresses and avoiding scalp. If you apply conditioner on the scalp it will make your hairs greasy and flat.

 Avoiding Heat Protectant: - Even if you good quality hairs it is advisable to use a heat protectant.They protect your hairs from heat as well as improves your hair straightening and hair curling process.

Not Changing Ponytails style: - If you have already developed signature hairstyle for you then it might be causing damage to your hairs. If you are tieing the same ponytail every day it can create pressure on that part of the hair which will lead to weak and damaged hairs.

Neglecting Necks: - Neglecting our neck is the most common beauty mistake we all commit. The skin on the neck is very thin and that is why the wrinkles appear faster on the neck. For proper care of neck first, apply a moisturizer then protect it with An SPF.
Sleeping on Dirty Pillowcases and Bed Sheets: -
Sleeping on same pillowcase and bed sheet can clog pores and cause acne.Bedsheets are usually dirty as we don’t wash them every day so all the dirt and sweat get accumulated on the skin cause breakouts.
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