Basic tips for daily makeup


In daily routine looking natural with minimum makeup makes women more desirable and adorable. No matter you stay at home or going office if you are always well prepared with basic makeup then you are going to get applauded for your beauty and management skills.

For daily makeup, there are few points which can assist you, such as –

# Primer is good for daily use. It comes as a translucent lotion or white creamier and it can work both as concealer and foundation when you are running short of time.

# When applying foundation make sure to blend it properly so as to match skin 
colour and it should match with neck colour. The perfect way to smoothen foundation is to use your fingers to apply it because the warmth of hands heats up the product which makes easy to blend properly and thus looking natural finish.   

# Pink suits everyone so always keep Pink cheek 
colour to provide natural and subtle look to skin

# Take pretty lip 
colour which matches your lips and press the colour with your fingertips to given tinted effect to your lips rather than applying directly. Apply in the center and then blend it out.

# Choose brown, navy or black 
colour eye liner for day time and apply it just above your eye lashes and use the eyeshadow brush to blend it lightly. Use pencil eye liner as it’s easy to handle compared to liquid eye liner.

# Apply one coat of mascara on both upper and lower lashes.
This is daily routine makeup which takes less than 15 minutes to finish and makes you look beautiful for the whole day.

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