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11 months ago
Your Latest Workout Inspiration Is...Prince Harry

Listen guys, we know Prince Harry probably isn't your go-to source for fitness inspiration, but hear us out. Two days after announcing his engagement to Meghan Markle, the royal was spotted leaving his gym in west London–and his look wasn't half bad.

Harry was sporting a blue beanie, a matching gray shirt and sweatpants, and sneakers as he walked home. He also had on a base layer underneath, which is great for a chilly day.

While this outfit certainly isn't going on any "best dressed" lists anytime soon, it's definitely an easy and practical wear for getting a quick workout in. And who knows, maybe he was wearing shorts underneath, which would make this look even more fit for the gym.

We rounded up a few similar items that are perfect for hitting the gym. They're functional, comfortable, and will help you dress to impress, because yes, your gym crush could turn into something more. You might not be a royal, but dressing like one is easier than you probably thought.

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