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11 months ago
You Won't Be Asking For Another Ab Workout After You Do This One

"Whenever someone asks me for an ab workout, I give them one called Don't Ever Ask Me About Abs Again," says Bobby Maximus, author of Men's Health book Maximus Body, which includes high-intensity workouts to get you ripped fast. Like the name suggests, "it usually hurts them so bad, they never ask to do abs again."

Here's the workout that will shut you up for good and make you feel the burn for days.

Directions: Perform the exercises below in the order listed for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds between exercises. During each rest period, perform five pushups.

  1. Situps
  2. Pushup position hold
  3. V-sit kickout
  4. V-sit hold
  5. Leg raise
  6. Leg raise hold
  7. Feet to hands
  8. Pushup position hold

That's one round. Perform this circuit a total of three rounds.

Not only will this give your core a great workout, but you'll feel it in the rest of your body, too. The best part? There's no gym equipment needed, so if you know you're going to have a busy day ahead of you, do it in your living room before you even leave your house. You can literally get this workout in anywhere.

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