You Have to Hear Olivia Munn's Hilariously Bad Pick-Up Line

We're guessing the charming, hilarious, and talented Olivia Munn probably doesn't have to rely on cheesy pick-up lines when she goes out. But when asked what line she would use during a Vogue tour of her home, the Newsroom actress replied: "I would go up to a guy in front of all of his friends and say, 'I'm late...and it's yours." So, so wrong!

Considering that Olivia also said pick-up lines never work and she doesn't advise using them, we're guessing she's totally joking. Still, it sounds like pretty much the worst opening line ever, though it may get a laugh if you deliver it in the same deadpan, dramatic tone she used. Check out the full video, below:

So clearly this is something you shouldn't try at home (or...anywhere). But if you're looking for some help breaking the ice, this is a much better way to hit on a guy.

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