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1 year ago
World Cancer Day: Learn more about the disease by watching these videos

On World Cancer Day, people can now watch videos to learn more about the disease. The Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Oncology and Research uploaded videos explaining different types of cancer in English and Tamil.

“The videos are titled Cancer Awareness SRIOR and the idea is to create awareness among the public, especially youngsters, who access digital platforms like YouTube,” said SRIOR Director and Chief Medical Ongologist, Dr P Guhan.

The videos offer information on early detection, how to prevent and treat the disease. Guhan cited a study which said there would be 17.3 lakh cancer cases in India by 2020, and 8.8 lakh deaths as a result of it.

The institute, as part of a Cancer Day 2018 activity, also announced a month-long prostate screening progam which has modalities of screening (serological and imaging) totally free of cost to the public, Guhan said.

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