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11 months ago
Wooden utensils: How safe is it to use them?

Wooden utensils and spoons are always sought after because they are made of wood and are therefore natural, unlike other manmade materials. Wooden utensils when comes in contact with a change in temperatures, tend to become rough and cracks up. This, in turn, makes space for food to get stuck in it, rot and become a breeding area for germs. While using wooden utensil might seem like a great idea, you must know that cleaning wooden utensils properly is very important for healthy cooking and preventing germs from entering your body via food. Here are a few precautions you must take to keep your

Do not immerse wooden utensil in water for long. Keeping a wooden utensil in water will make the food stuck in it rot and give germs a perfect ground to breed.

Use hot water to wash it and immediately put it to dry. Hot water will be help kill the germs and drying it up well will not let bacteria build up in the utensil.

If you see that your wooden utensil is becoming rough, refurbish it. Soothen the surface by rubbing it with a steel wool or sandpaper. Once the surface is smoothened rinse it and immediately put to dry.

Sometimes wooden utensils are polished to make it look shinier. These polishes could harm your health if you ingest it. Look for a carpenter that can make it for you or use a steel wool to rub of the exterior before use.

Oiling wood utensils will help you extend the longevity of its life. It moisturizes the wood and makes it look shiner. It acts like natural polish and helps you get rid of bad odours and food stains. Use mineral oil or olive oil.

Replace them often. Even after keeping them well you must replace them after a while when you see no amount of cleaning or scrubbing is coming to help.

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