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Why do you get those dry patches all over your face in winter?

Dry skin spares no one during the winter months, even when it comes to the oiliest and the most acne-prone people. So you are not alone if you find too many dry spots emerging on your face. We asked dermatologist Sejal Shah what is exactly causing those dry patches on your skin and what you should do to prevent those dehydrated patches from getting back to your skin.

Causes of dry patches in winter
The cold and dry weather zap the moisture out of your skin in winter. Plus the low humidity levels make it a real challenge for the skin to retain its hydration. Having said that, your skin care routine can also be the culprit for those dry patches. If you are scrubbing your face too aggressively or overdoing with the skin care products your skin is likely to get extremely dry. Or if you are not cleaning your face regularly you may have bacteria accumulated in the top layer of your skin which leads to dryness.

Skin care tips to heal dry patches
If you feel that your skin is suddenly drying out, stop using the products like peels and toners immediately. You always have the option of going back to those products after your skin heals. Switching to a gentle cleanser that does not lather can be your best bet. Fragrances can unnecessarily irritate and dry out your skin so it can be wise to switch to a fragrance-free moisturiser that you use twice a day. To get the most of your facial moisturiser, apply it on your skin while it is still damp. Try these natural remedies for dry skin patches on face and body. 

Tips to prevent the relapse of dry patches
Those long, hot showers are one of the biggest reasons why your skin gets dry in winter months. Hot water rips the natural oils from the skin leaving your face even drier. So in winter months, limit your shower time as much as possible and cleanse your face with lukewarm water. Add some oil to your tub of hot water can be a good way to get a hydrating bath. Find out whether you have oily, normal or dry skin with these tissue paper test. 

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