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1 year ago
Why That Last Drink Is Stopping You From Reaching Your Weight-Loss Goals

We're sorry, really, truly sorry, but that cocktail (or two, or three) you have to help you wind down after a busy day isn't helping. Sure, it works wonders (for your mood) at the time, but your cheeky drink with dinner is holding you back from your health and fitness goals. If you've overhauled your fitness regime and you're still not noticing major changes, it's time to look at your alcohol consumption, especially that one drink here and there. In case you need more convincing, Transform Health founder Jordan Ponder wants you to know that weight loss and alcohol definitely don't mix - not even a little. Here's why.

It's a Depressant

While it may seem fun at the time, your body (and mood) will pay for it later. Just two glasses each night over a period of time will see you constantly battling each day in a foggy state, which is never good for your happiness.

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