While You Struggled With Eyeliner, This Artist Created Pastel Masterpieces on Her Body

Body art and makeup can come together to create some truly beautiful things. We've seen a woman turn her vitiligo into breathtaking designs and an artist transform stretch marks into rainbow art, proving that your body can make the perfect canvas. We were obsessed with geode body art, and now we've found another love: pastel body art.

Noor Adwan, aka Artsypeach, has an Instagram full of pastel-hued inspiration and, honestly, we never thought pink koi would look so pretty on someone's thighs! Seriously, the videos Noor painting are mesmerizing and very relaxing. But the fun doesn't end there. Noor often writes prompts in her captions such as "POSITIVITY CHAIN! start by saying 'hi' the compliment someone above you in the comments!" Positivity and pastels, we're into it!

Ahead, see Noor's best works of art, and get painting on your body (or call in a trusted friend).

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