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Which is the most common cancer among kids? Expert speaks (watch video)

Cancer among kids is as common as cancer among adults. However, in the case of kids, one has to be extremely careful because diagnosis among kids is a difficult task. In a developing nation like India where cancer is a significant burden of disease, cancer among children is consistently increasing. A recent report by Apollo hospital says, ‘1.6 to 4.8 percent of all cancers in India are seen in children below 15 years of age, and the overall incidence is 38 to 124 per million children per year, making a total of about 40,000 children each year being diagnosed with cancer in this country.’ and this not only alarming but also urges a quick action to be taken towards it because only 20 percent of these children get the required treatment. You might want to know about 5 very important things about cancers among children.

In this context we spoke to Dr Vijay Yewale, who’s a leading paediatrician and asked him about the most common cancer among kids and here’s what he said, ‘The most common cancer that you’ll find among children is blood cancers. Followed by leukaemia and lymphomas which is the cancer in the defence mechanism is seen very commonly among children. When it comes to cancer in a body part kidney and brain tumours developing in cancer is also on a rise. The most common however still remains blood cancer.’
He also explained the most common symptoms of cancer among children, here are the symptoms he laid down.

  • Lump on any part of the body
  • Recurrent high fever
  • The child is sick for no apparent reason for more than two weeks
  • Bleeding from different parts of the body.
  • Black spots on the body
  • Repeated infection

Here’s the detailed video of the interview:


It is always advisable that you visit your paediatrician from time to time and evaluate your child’s health and don’t shy away from taking second or third opinion if required.

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