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When celebs shared twinning pet pictures... | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Back in 2001, Reese Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde, Elle Woods, took a fashion-forward step by twinning with her on-screen pet Bruiser. Taking that idea to another level, in 2016 Topher Brophy, a New York City-based Dog Dad Artist shared pictures with his pet Rosenberg, which had them dressing in matching outfits. Since then there have been attempts to show the bond that humans share with their canine friends. However, it’s only recently that twinning selfies with their furry friends has become a major trend on social media. Many Hollywood celebs, too, have jumped on to the bandwagon...

How it all started?

Model Liam Rice from the Isle of Man posted four selfies side by side with his Siberian husky Luna, along with the caption, “I think my dog might actually be a human trapped in a dog’s body.” It shows Liam raising an eyebrow with Luna appearing to ape him. The pictures were retweeted more than 2,00,000 times on Twitter. And led to many eager pet owners sharing hilarious ‘twinning’ selfies with their lookalike dogs. One man even wore a surgical collar to match the one his dog was sporting sympathising with the former’s condition, while another pet owner showed off his impressively long tongue that matched his own dog’s in a funny selfie.

Who’s done it?

Amanda Seyfried shared a picture where she can be seen striking a pose just like her Australian shepherd dog Finn in a comfy bed. Singer Bruno Mars, who became a pet owner in 2012, has often shared pictures of his dog Geronimo. In one of the recent images, the singer tried to match his expressions with those of his pet. They sure make for adorable buddies.

Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth uploads many photos of him and his family on his Instagram account, but the most adorable among those are the ones that he posts with his rescued dog, Tani. In one such photograph, posted on a hot day, the actor stuck out his tongue, aping his pet. Filipino-Aussie actress Anne Curtis too had a similar picture with her adorable pet Tofu on her social-media account that was loved by her fans.

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