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What are fertility preservation techniques for cancer patients?

Fertility preservation is becoming increasingly important to improve the quality of life, especially for cancer survivors. This is because the treatment options for cancer namely chemotherapy and radiotherapy have a major impact on reproductive potential. It not only deteriorates the quality of eggs and sperms and affect the reproductive organs but also lead to complications when getting pregnant. This is the reason, why many cancer survivors fail to conceive after undergoing cancer treatment. Due to lack of awareness about the feasibility of fertility preservation technique, most cancer patients are unaware of the option available for them to conceive. Dr Hrishikesh D Pai, Medical Director, Bloom IVF explains more about fertility preservation techniques for cancer patients. Also read about reasons that are coming in the way of your pregnancy.

Why opt for fertility preservation techniques?

Chemotherapeutic drugs can cause DNA abnormalities as well as oxidative damage in somatic and germ cells. Unlike chemotherapy, radiotherapy affects both the ovary and the uterus, affecting your ability to conceive. However, opting for fertility preservation techniques can help you to enhance your chances of getting pregnant even after undergoing a cancer therapy as the cells are preserved. This procedure should be carried out prior to undergoing a cancer therapy. But unfortunately, fertility preservation services are rarely offered or even discussed with the patient before starting cancer therapy. Hence, it should be noted that oncologists and reproductive specialists should together work to improve awareness and availability of oncofertility.

What are the fertility preservation techniques?

The recent technologies and advancements in the IVF sector can help cancer patients to keep the fertility window open for a longer time. Some treatment options include egg freezing which is fast gaining acceptance and momentum within urban areas. Freezing sperm is a similar process which can prove beneficial for male cancer patients. Some other techniques that are commonly advised include embryo freezing and use of donor eggs, donor embryos and donor sperms to conceive. Here’s more on egg freezing: A chance to delay pregnancy till you are ready for it.

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