What Went Down When These 5 Women Shared Their Secret Sex Fantasies

When it comes to sex fantasies, we all have a collection of greatest hits we play to get ourselves turned on. And while sharing these steamy sex clips with our S.O. can lead to some uber-spicy action between the sheets, there's always that small chance he won't react the way you'd hoped (leaving you with a serious case of blue vag). Is the risk to your ego (and hoo-ha) really worth it? The short answer: abso-frickin-lutely.

Here's what happened when five women spilled the contents of their spank banks:

sharing sexual fantasies
1/5 Amanda Becker

"The thought of a guy having his way with me is such a turn on, especially if I'm tied up and completely powerless to stop him. I've always been nervous about sharing my fantasy with someone (since it could go wrong—in so many ways), so I held back until I was married. I confessed my fantasy before bed one night, and within seconds, hubs turned off the lights, grabbed a couple of neckties, and tied me to the bed. What made it even hotter was that he didn't say a word. I couldn't see him, I could only feel him. Best. Sex. Ever." —Carrie M.

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sharing sexual fantasies
2/5 Amanda Becker

"I have no problem talking to my besties about sex fantasies—but my boyfriend, not so much. One night, I had a friend over for drinks. While he was in the living room watching TV, I told my friend about how hot it would be to have sex when there's a risk of getting caught. I talked about it super loud, hoping he'd overhear (because, you know, I'm lame). Months go by and just when I'd forgotten about it, my boyfriend slips his hand up my skirt in the back of our friend's van as we're going to the beach. Our friend could've looked back at any second! So hot." —Sophie S.

sharing sexual fantasies
3/5 Amanda Becker

"I'm a very shy, proper type of person. After college I got into a relationship with an older man who was, let's just say, sexually sophisticated. One day, I let my guard down and blurted out that one of my fantasies was to have two men making love to me at the same time. He said he never would've guessed that and that it made him feel even closer to me. I was terrified he'd laugh at me, and it ended up strengthening our bond." —Patricia D.

sharing sexual fantasies
4/5 Amanda Becker

"I've always been sexually adventurous, and my now-ex boyfriend was, well, not. One of my biggest fantasies was to take advantage of him, completely ruining his prim and proper reputation. I casually let the idea slip one night, and I'm pretty sure his penis tried to run away from me. I told him it was just a fantasy (that basically any guy would kill for, but whatev), and from that moment on he acted irrationally uncomfortable around me. I eventually got fed up and ghosted him. His loss, and my new BF's gain." —Angie P. (Unleash your wild side with these toys from the Women's Health Boutique.)

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sharing sexual fantasies
5/5 Amanda Becker

"One of my biggest fantasies has always been to experience one of those sexy, scandalous, borderline life-ruining office romances (complete with makeout seshes in the conference room and sex on my desk). Only, I work from home and I'm hitched. Not thinking anything of it, I ranted to my hubby about the fantasy that will never be. The next day, he came into my office wearing a suit, pretending to be my boss. He demanded to know why my report wasn't finished. Before I had a chance to answer, he lifted me up onto my desk and bow chicka wow wow. I knew I married him for a reason." —Char R.

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