What It's Really Like to Eff on Film

Joanna Angel, an adult film actress and director and creator of porn site BurningAngel.com, reveals what drew her to the biz and what it's really like to eff on film.

How She Got Into Porn
"I was very comfortable with my body, and I was driven and motivated to succeed: I wanted to become a household name and create a culture where people felt comfortable in their sexuality."

The Biggest Myth About Women in the Adult Industry
People think we're overpaid and underworked. No one makes millions from showing up and having sex on camera—some people still have other jobs, while other successful porn stars have multiple revenue streams from licensing or book deals and money from appearances. We work hard. For talent, a shooting day can be as long as 20 hours, and we're building our brand 365 days a year."

The Vibe On-Set
"In the few years that I worked for other companies, having sex on camera exhilarated me—I felt like I was a boring girl who stepped into a phone booth like Superman and became an alter ego of myself. On my company's sets now, there are a lot of laughs. We have to make a conscious effort to stop so the male talent can concentrate on getting their erections!"

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This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Women's Health.

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