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11 months ago
What It's Like Being a Parent When Your Partner Works Crazy Hours

Sometimes I beat myself up for not being the best mom. I wonder how my other mom friends do it - have the time to cook Instagram-worthy meals while being responsible for the kids, feed said meals to said kids, and do bath and bedtime and live to tell the tale. Then I remember . . . most of my mom friends have partners who are home from work for all of the above. My husband, however, works outside the traditional 9-to-5 window.

When I'm getting snippy with our toddler or silently cursing about the baby's unrelenting fussing, I do feel a little sorry for myself. But then I remember I'm not the only one whose partner works crazy hours, and that there are moms who have it much harder than I do (all hail the single parent). But I'm talking about being a unit, one-half of a married couple, one-half of a parenting duo, yet finding myself alone . . . a lot.

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