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1 year ago
"What I Love About My Body"

1/24 ,
Sculpt strong, gorgeous stems like @ajjonesss's with this lower-body workout.


2/24 ,
Score sleek, toned arms (like hers!) with this workout.


3/24 ,
Inspired by @jmpettis? Flatten your belly with this killer ab workout.


4/24 ,
@SloanJK92 loves her eyes and smile. Play up your peepers with these beauty tips and tricks.


5/24 ,
Moving to the music can make you happier smarter, and whole lot healthier. Here, get Zumba strong like @dancemoorefit—or find another dance workout that works for you!


6/24 ,
Want a gorgeous stomach like @rose_george's? Use these three moves to flatten your belly.


7/24 ,
Sculpt a beautiful back (like @msmelanieann's!) with this 15-minute routine.


8/24 ,
Did @tvxqhyun inspire you to start running? Use this get-up-and-go plan to hit the pavement—or the treadmill.


9/24 ,
@tori_cahill adds a little sparkle to her favorite part of her body: her waist. Accessorize your waistline with these fun and pretty belts.


10/24 ,
@Steph_Steyn_MUA loves her lips—and knows how to rock a gorgeous lip color. Here, the perfect hue for you!


11/24 ,
How can you not love @louiseb50's body confidence (not to mention her enviable abs)? Click here for 6 ways to boost your own body confidence.


12/24 ,
@Ladieswholunge makes an excellent point: A strong core supports the rest of your body—both inside and out. Click here to discover the surprising benefits of having a tight tummy.


13/24 ,
If @mprosise inspired you to try CrossFit, but you don't know where to start, this CrossFit-inspired workout routine is just the thing for you. The best part? You can do it anytime, anywhere, torching calories and building muscle in minutes.


14/24 ,
Want a sculpted upper body like @kbpalinkas's? Try this simple (but super effective) arms workout.


15/24 ,
Are you awaiting a bundle of joy like @PalomaBCBA? Congratulations! If you're expecting a little one of your own, click here to learn what nutrients you and the baby both need during your pregnancy.


16/24 ,
Want a sculpted stomach like @shoetingstar325's? These 4 abs exercises from Jillian Michaels will give you defined abs and killer confidence.


17/24 ,
Score lean legs like @jlorena001's with this awesome leg workout.


18/24 ,
@FitforLife30 credits her legs for helping her power through jumps. Here, explosive plyometrics moves that'll strengthen and tone your legs—and every other inch of your body.


19/24 ,
Are you a runner like @elise0825? Freshen up your running playlist—and get ready to pick up the pace—with these fast-paced songs.


20/24 ,
Congratulations on your little one, @mummywifewoman! Awaiting a new baby of your own? Learn how you can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby by completing these yoga exercises.


21/24 ,
Score legs like @Llhansen8Lee's with these two workout plans.


22/24 ,
Want abs like these? Use this abs workout to get a rock solid stomach in just 30 days.


23/24 ,
Want arms like @gerarortega's? Tone them up with this workout plan.


24/24 ,
Inspired by @_D_ROSE's flat-as-a-board stomach? Here, everything you need to sculpt a sexy core.


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