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7 months ago
What Can You Get Spending $100 on Fitness? Here's What 9 Editors Said

Depending on your perspective, your age, and what's at stake, $100 can be one of two things: a lot of money or very, very little. That annual birthday check from Grandma may seem like a small fortune (cha-ching!), while the same amount barely makes a dent in paying off your bills. And when we're talking new Fenty Beauty releases . . . well, the money practically disappears before our eyes. This spending philosophy is the same when it comes to dropping dollars on all things health and fitness.

With everything from no-frills gyms with $10 monthly membership fees to Instagram-worthy leggings that cost nearly $200, fitness opens up a world of opportunities to get creative with (or quickly drain) your funds. To show just how differently the same $100 can be stretched and interpreted, we polled a handful of active editors. From savvy savers to the ones who shamelessly love to splurge, read on to see what they score. These options may just inspire you to switch up your own spending habits.

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