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What Are You Hiding?

1/6 Peter Hapak
Are you prejudiced?
Psychologists who use the implicit association test (IAT) are able to study attitudes and beliefs so buried in the psyche that we may not even know we have them.


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2/6 Peter Hapak
Like a word-association test, the IAT measures the strength of associations between concepts (such as black or white, homosexual or heterosexual, and fat or thin) and attributes (such as good or bad).


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3/6 Peter Hapak
Users may be asked to group images of overweight people with positive words, like joy and pleasure, for instance, and then to group them with negative words.


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4/6 Peter Hapak
The speed with which a user responds to a certain association (e.g., an overweight silhouette with the word failure) implies the degree to which they have that particular implicit bias.


5/6 Peter Hapak
If you have 10 minutes and a computer, you can anonymously take a sample test online at


6/6 Peter Hapak
There are more than 90 subject areas to assess—including politics, ethnicity, and gender—and you can choose to submit your responses for research purposes, in which case they will assist psychological studies on thoughts and feelings.


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