We've tried Fenty Beauty's Stunna lip paint and here's what we *honestly* think about it

After gracing us with the release of her holiday collection, Rihanna decided her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, needed an extra festive oomph - a sassy red lipstick. And after weeks of hype, Riri has debuted her Stunna Lip Paint with an universal shade of red called 'Uncensored.'

@fentybeauty/ Instagram

While the campaign and the gorgeous packaging made us love it instantly - how could you resist a product that which got Rihanna making a makeup tutorial? - we had to put the formula to the test. Does it live up to all the hype? Four GLAMOUR staffers give their honest verdict...

Carolina thinks...

Do I love it? I'm not a big lipstick fan, and honestly think anything bright on me makes me look like a clown - but Riri's shade seems to really compliment olive skin tones. With coral-like hues the lip paint needs lot of precision when applying - it's really liquid and if you're not a makeup pro like myself, it does get everywhere. The finish is seamless and bright, but feels a little dry.

Would I buy it? I would definitely buy it for spring/ summer. But personally, I'd need to do too much lip-prepping before applying it in the cold winter months while my skin is dry - and ain't nobody got time for that.

Bandi thinks...

Do I love it? It didn’t quite translate as deep and rich a red as I expected (or would have liked) on me - it looked quite orange on my skintone! I found it got on my teeth as well and was very drying on the lips. I’d probably wear it but with a darker lip liner to tone down the orange tones a bit.

Would I buy it? Hmm... it hurts me to say that probably not.

Samantha thinks...

Do I love it? Rihanna is not messing around, this stuff does not budge. Be super careful when applying and definitely have some make-up remover and q-tips on hand. The colour is gorgeous, so it’s worth the extra caution. It’s a cool-toned red, which is ideal for my fair complexion and SO pigmented. Because it’s long-wear it can feel a little drying, so prep your lips with a good scrub to remove dead skin and allow a little lip balm to soak in before swiping this bad boy on.

Would I buy it? Yes, but purely for Saturday nights when I need something to withstand eating, drinking and sweaty dancefloors. It wouldn’t be my daily go-to.

Sagal thinks...

Do I love it? I liked the shade although I did think it was a bit on the orange side as opposed to the deep red I was expecting. It was also a lot more drying than I wanted it to be and found that it often (very easily) smudged on my teeth. However, I did like the bright pop of colour against by skintone.

Would I buy it? Probably not. I love Fenty but I don’t think this is the best shade of red for me.

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