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7 months ago
Wedding special: Beauty blogger Scherezade Shroff shows you how to get your makeup and hair done in 2 minutes!

Weddings are fun and exciting, but only when your things, mainly your clothes, accessories, makeup and hair, are sorted and in order. There is never enough time for most of us to do so. Going out and getting makeup and hair done just before an event or a wedding is a luxury not many of us have the time or inclination for. For people like us who wish there was a miraculous way to get ready in a jiffy, beauty blogger Scherezade Shroff shows us this quick 2-minute makeup and hair video for weddings.

1) Start by prepping your face for makeup. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and wipe dry.
2) Apply concealer around your eyes, nose, lips and chin. Blend well with your ring finger.
3) Apply compact evenly all over your face.
4) Use a cream-coloured eyeshadow all over your eyes. Use a dark brown eyeshadow on the creases and corners and blend well.
5) Take a dark brown or black eyeshadow and fill in your eyebrows. Take some white eyeshadow and apply right below your eyebrows to make your eyes look bright.
6) Use a kajal on your waterline and extend to create a winged look.
7) Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara.
8) Brush some blush over your cheeks.
9) Use a bright red lipstick and top it up with lip balm or lip gloss for extra shine.
10) For hair, make a side parting and twist from the parting all the way to the side and pin it with a bobby pin. Do the same on the other side. Take all your hair on one side to make a messy bun secure it with U pin. Have you tried these latest bridal hairdos?

Check out Scherezade Shroff’s video:

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Image source: Scherezade Shroff/YouTube

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