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9 months ago
Wedding season: Rujuta Diwekar shares tips for weight loss, good digestion and healthy eating

The shaadi season is upon us, indeed. For most of us, the wedding season is all about junk eating, drinking, late night partying and stressful travelling. Admit it, this is also the time when we give a backseat to gymming. All this hampers our weight loss and fitness goals, makes our healthy eating go for a toss, the results of which are ultimately promptly seen on our bodies, skin, hair, sleep and overall health. To help keep our digestion in top shape for all the junk food that we eat and are going to eat during the wedding season, celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar gives us diet tips that you must follow before, during and after the wedding season:

1. Have a glass of chaas with hing and kalanamak right after lunch – While the chaas or buttermilk is a good source of probiotics and Vitamin B12, the hing and kalanamak combo will help cut down bloating, gas and even prevent IBS. This is especially vital for those want to attend evening functions while sporting flat abs.

2. Have 1 tsp of Chawanprash at bedtime — Late night shaadis? Travelling for destination weddings? You need to take care of your immunity and also your skin problems. Chawanprash keeps the immune system strong. It is a solid source of flavonoids and antioxidants. Eating this will ensure that your skin stays supple and soft throughout all the wedding festivities. These are the foods that brides-to-be must eat before their wedding.

3. Have a methi laddoo made with jaggery, ghee and dry ginger — This laddoo prevents stomach cramps and constipation, promotes intestinal mucosa and even helps keep the hair lustrous which can look frizzy with all the travel, stress and staying up late. Have this either at breakfast or as a 4-6 pm snack. It will help with blood sugar regulation too.

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