Want to slow down ageing? Here are 7 expert tips to follow

Don’t be paranoid if you see your skin ageing. There are a number of solutions — be it by using natural ingredients like jojoba rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, or by exploring skin resurfacing solutions, suggest experts. Datinderjeet Singh Tulla, Head of Department of the Dermat, Laser, Hair Transplant and Medical Services category at VLCC and Shubhika Jain, Founder of RAS Luxury Oils, have tips:

1. Skin Resurfacing solutions: Skin resurfacing is a skin therapy is nowadays used for various skin corrections ranging from skin brightening, skin lightening, skin hydration, pigment correction, acne and acne scars improvement, reduction in superficial wrinkles and correction of photodamaged skin.

2. Healthy diet: Our diet can help make our skin healthier and youthful. Plenty of fresh fruits and green, leafy vegetables are recommended. While vitamin C is responsible for collagen production found in oranges, lemon, broccoli and kale, vitamin A from carrots, antioxidant-rich berries must be included in our diet. Nuts are a good source of vitamin E, healthy fats, selenium, magnesium and other micronutrients.

3. Avoid sugar: Food high in sugar accelerates ageing of skin and inflammation. The most effective way for clear youthful skin is water which helps to flush out toxins.

4. Thermage: Due to the ageing process, the facial skin starts drooping down and jowls appear on the face with the laugh lines becoming prominent. A bipolar radiofrequency device which causes tissue heating resulting in collagen remodelling helps to improve the jowls and makes the laugh lines better resulting in the lifting of face skin giving a younger fresher look to the face.  Read how cutting down on calories can slow ageing

5. Clean and natural ingredients: What we apply on our skin must be good enough to eat as 60 percent of what meets our skin goes directly into our bloodstream. Ingredients should be prioritised to reduce the adverse effects of using chemical loaded anti-ageing creams lotions which can lead to irritation, temporary fixations, long-term respiratory issues and even cancer.

6. HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound): This device-based treatment is based on ultrasound rays which cause tightening of the muscle layer beneath the facial skin and also works on the face skin resulting in collagen remodelling. Do you want to slow down ageing? Have more kids!

7. Liquid Face Lift: This is an instant facelift procedure which is also dubbed as lunchtime procedure in which in a single session you can get an instant skin lift with facial features enhancement and facial lines correction by the use of fillers and wrinkle amelioration by the use of Botox.

Source: IANS

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