WEF Report On Top Jobs For Our Kids In 2030. Are We Preparing Our Kids For Them?

When I ask my 4-year-old what she wants to do when she grows up, she gives it a deep thought and when I prod to answer quickly, she settles for ‘like you or dad’. I know that was her second best answer, and deep down she is thinking of something creative and interesting. That got me wondering about what job she would settle for, after completing her education. Gone are the days when we had limited career options such as doctors, engineers, journalists, bankers, etc. Passion is the key that is slowly opening the doors for unthinkable opportunities for employment today and in the future.

World Economic Forum Report

This latest report by the World Economic Forum and Nesta shares a sneak peek into the future of jobs and skills in the year 2030- that s exactly the jobs our kids would be doing in future!

Here’s are some interesting findings from the report.

65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types. So how are we to tackle this in the current education system?

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Interpersonal skills, higher-order cognitive skills, and systems skills are likely to be the most sought after by employers in the future (parents, are we listening?)



Read all about the Future of Skills in 2030 report here.

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The 6 jobs likely to dominate the employment sector in 2030

Restaurant owner: The one sector that can never cease to exist and flourish. With new options and innovations coming in the form of cloud kitchen and drone delivery, this sector would not only focus on providing engaging dining experiences but also effective satisfying of customers who seek door delivery. The skills and knowledge would include sales and marketing, critical thinking and service orientation.

Immersive experience designer: Undoubtedly, the future lies in augmented reality, virtual reality and digital technology. Immersive experience technologies will enable us to handle complex concepts visually, and motivate users who otherwise struggled with traditional learning methods. The skills and knowledge required are STEM knowledge, digital skills, visualisation and communication.

100 year counsellor: In one of the most interesting jobs for the future, this involves applying one’s previous experiences and redefining the skill set acquired over a period of constant changes and helping the future students in identifying their skills. The skills and knowledge required include complex problem solving and communication skills.

Aerospace engineer: In a job front that aims to bring design and manufacturing sectors closer to each other, aerospace offers unending opportunities for our kids to ‘fly in the future’! The skills and knowledge required will be reasoning and complex problem solving and critical thinking and design.

Green construction: Environmental awareness is on the rise, thankfully and this job might just give the whole construction business an uplift. Skills and knowledge required would include knowledge in renewable energy that is all set to be the future.

Careworker: Healthcare, as predicted by the report, is an occupation that will continue to grow in the future, because technological innovations and advancements are no match for a healing hand. Skills and knowledge required include service orientation, problem sensitivity, manual dexterity amongst others.

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So are you all set to prepare your kids for these jobs? Let us know how you intend to do so and what steps you will be taking as a parent.

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