Valentine's Day: Hate cheesy vows? Make these 10 promises to your partner

No matter what your feelings towards Valentine’s Day, you’ll have to admit it’s a good chance to take or renew vows. This year, keep it light-hearted yet romantic with these vows:

I swear I’ll (occasionally) order my own plate of French fries.

I promise to never make promises I can’t keep.


I swear I’ll never say “It’s fine” unless it really is.

I vow to always be your conscience keeper.

I promise we’ll be the old couple that says inappropriate things at family gatherings.

I vow to always give you my frank opinion without any sugarcoating, even if you hate it.

I promise we’ll be nauseatingly in love with each other even at 80.


I swear I’ll trust you enough to never ask for your password.

I vow to always be up for that one last dance, one more peg, and one extra helping of dessert.

And lastly, I promise we’ll always be a team – whether in a video game or in real life.

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