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11 months ago
Valentine’s Week | Kiss Day 2018: 7 steps to the perfect kiss | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Just a day before the Valentine's Day, falls the Kiss Day on February 13. As it is that the entire week is all about love and affection and what better way to show it than by giving a kiss to your loved ones? Seal your bond of love with a kiss!

When you like someone and are looking forward to a kiss, it’s quite natural to be a little nervous. However, if you don’t want your experience to end up a disaster, keep these seven tips in mind:  

Step 1: Be confident 

The first step to a pleasant kiss is your confidence, especially if you intend to initiate one. How you hold your partner during the kiss, speaks a lot about your confidence and attitude towards them. Your confidence is also a major part of your personality that can work wonders for you. 

Step 2: Give the right signals 

Putting your point across with your body language will make it easier. There are some hints or clear signals that will let your partner know what you have on your mind. You could either whisper a compliment to your partner or hold their hand or waist and hold them close or lean your head on their shoulders. One classic way of setting the mood is how you look at your partner and your eye contact with him/her. 

Step 3: Make your partner comfortable  

Compatibility and comfort are two important things to ensure you have a great and pleasant moment of kissing. It depends on how well you know each other and how well you connect with each other. Your moves can be in place and in sync with each other once, you both know you are compatible. It is very helpful to avoid any one-sided disasters. 

Step 4: Pick a place 

You could put in some planning so that nothing can mess your perfect moment. Pick a place that is quiet and suits your mood. Besides, choose a place where you will not be subjected to any interruption or draw any unnecessary attention to yourselves. It’s best if you know of your partner’s choice as well and maybe surprise her by creating the perfect romantic setting.

Step 5: Don’t have bad breath 

To be kiss-ready, you can’t smell bad. If you smoke, make sure you stay away from cigarettes before kissing. Oral hygiene plays an important role. Chew on some gum for at least a while before you think it’s the right moment. Or you could have a mouth freshener, just make sure you’re not kissing her after eating a lot of garlic. 

Step 6: Make sure your lips are kiss–ready

No one likes dry, chapped or cracked lips while kissing. Don’t let your dry lips spoil the perfect moment. Just apply some petroleum jelly or moisturise your lips with some honey and sugar scrub regularly. 

Step 7: And that they are healthy

Doing some regular lip-muscle exercise could help for a great kiss. For a quick exercise for healthy lips, you could place your hand behind and try touching your face with your lips (upwards). Do this at least ten times a day. In case, you should ensure that the both of you have a great time and have the perfect kiss. The right mood, great chemistry, along with the right partner can make it truly memorable! 

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